Alessandra Ambrosio poses completely nude on the beach as she gets back to her roots .

Is not a new thing in the fashion world as celebrities have taken it upon themselves to become naked as it may seem , the woman value does not really matter to the western world . They bare it all out as their Mama gave them .HMMM

However , Alessandra Ambrosio was dressed by Victoria's Secret in a $2.5million Fantasy Bra for their annual runway show. But it doesn't take rubies and gold for Alessandra Ambrosio to look good - she's just as at ease completely naked. The Brazilian model posed seductively on the beach, lying on her front and nibbling at her hand for the new edition of Made In Brazil.

She was utterly nude, revealing her star and moon tattoo on her rear. Alessandra then grabbed a sheer sarong and spun around unselfconsciously, gazing at the camera. Of course, with a body this good she has no reason to be shy.