Why I'm not in a relationship-Nse Ekpe Etim

Nse Ekpe Etim in a recent interview was asked if she was in a relationship she quotes that
"The thing is I have stated my thoughts on marriage. It is a good thing but it has to be kept holy. Who says I am being delayed? I do not subscribe to divorce because I am so Catholic and I was brought up that way. I am not in a relationship because I won't have time to make other people happy and make 'him' happy. 
I have chosen who I want to make happy: my fans. "It's very early in my career and I can't compromise because I can't feed him. I don't do trial and error, every man that has been in my life has been for a reason and season and I am sure they are all fine. It is something that you do, not out of societal pressure, not because your parents want you to do it, but because you are ready and you have found the one person that you cannot dare to live without,"