Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Evil: Teenager Burns Her Baby To Death, Dumps Body In A Bush

If not sheer wickedness, how does one describe an 18 year old burning her her own baby to death, then dumping his body in a bush? Its really disturbing that a girl, barely an adult herself could harbour such evil in her heart. See pic of the baby after the cut.The report comes from Zimbabwe, viewer discretion please.

Man Blinds Wife By Stabbing, Blames Satan

I'm of the view that a man beating a woman is not in any way acceptable and totally barbaric. Stabbing though? That's on another level, which I'm yet to coin words for.
Read the sad story of Deann Igho who recently lost one of her eyes to the blind rage of her wicked, now ex, husband.
Deann Igho married Sylvester barely a year ago and hoped to have a good marriage. Their affair started when she was a student at the University of Port Harcourt. Their love affair blossomed, and they agreed to get married.

5 kinds of Sex every couple needs .

 Hello NAB readers , I brought last week 7 kinds of sex to avoid , now i bring to you 5 kinds of sex every couple needs or Intending couple .Enjoy as you read and practice it .
A great way to reduce stress, feel healthy, and maintain a strong relationship with your partner is by keeping a close eye on your sex life. It only takes a few adjustments to spice things up. Just remember: Keep it fun and within your own boundaries.
1. There's always time for a quickie
Stop rolling your eyes. The quickie can be fun if you're creative and have the right attitude. After all, sex experts agree that the more sex you have, the more you want it. "Lots of sex begets more sex because you stay connected,And when couples physically express their desire for each other often, it enhances intimacy.o when the kids are on their way home with Grandma in tow and the spaghetti sauce is about to boil over, grab your guy and show him what real "shock and awe" feels like. Head down into the laundry room and make love standing up against the washing machine. You don't even have to take off all your clothes. If you've been together for a long time, an erotic sneak attack is a surprise he'll be daydreaming about at work for weeks to come.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's getting a '20-year-old honey':

Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger has an even bigger head than we thought he had. even as the 65-year-old's divorce from longtime wife Maria Shriver is still being finalized, he told his next-door neighbor: “I think things will work out OK with Maria, but if they don’t, I’m getting me a 20-year-old honey."
Well , I dont blame him , becomes every one in this live needs a companion whether old or young . But Arnold why 20 years Old . LOL

Lisa Lampanelli Says I'm One of Those Skinny Bitches Now!

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli is hysterical ... but there ain't nothing funny about how great she looks since her dramatic weight loss. Go Girl you look Fab!

Corpse found in suitcase was suspect’s son – Neighbours

 If you could remember this story about a man who was caught with a dead boy in his suitcase , The dead boy has been identified as his son . SO SAD ...Please read .
Neighbours  to Usman Inuwa who was caught with the corpse of a child in a suitcase in Maitama, Abuja have identified the dead child as Goodluck, his son.
The shocked neighbours described the boy as very smart and wondered what came over Inuwa that made him to kill his child.
Inuwa, a welder, arrested with the corpse of the child in a suitcase last Saturday, is currently in police custody.
We visited Bwari where the suspect lived on Tuesday learnt that Inuwa’s wife left him about a month ago, following incessant quarrels between them.

4th Richest Woman In U.S. Discovered Hiding In Plain Sight In Texas

It's one thing to live for years undetected with a fortune of $12.7 billion. It's another to do it as the 77-year old daughter-in-law of the late, pneumatic, reality-TV phenomenon Anna Nicole Smith.
As to how a 77-year-old could be the "daughter" of someone who, if she were alive today, would be 44, is a question we'll get to in a minute.
As for how the 4th richest woman in the United States—whose $12.7 billion puts her behind only three other women--could have escaped detection until now by billionaire-hunters, She's extremely low-key, Indeed
Elaine Tettemer Marshall is not the kind of woman given to dancing on tables, buying Hawaiian islands or throwing her underwear out of cars. Both before and after the 2006 death of her husband, E. Pierce Marshall, she apparently has led a circumspect and quiet life. 
Please can she be my Grandmother , i would so treat her nice and wont be dancing on tables or spending the money lavishly .LOL

News Dino Melaye gives more details of how gunmen allegedly tried to kidnap, assassinate him

Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West, has given more insight into how he escaped from gunmen who attacked him in Gwagwalada. Th...