Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ebola victims are left to rot in the streets: Terrified relativesdump them outside for fear of catching deadly virus .


A young man lies dead in the streets of Liberia, left to rot in view of passers-by and local children.
He is just one of many Ebola victims to have been dragged out of their homes and dumped on the 
country's roads by terrified relatives in a desperate bid to avoid being quarantined. 
The deadly virus, which can cause victims to suffer from severe bruising and bleeding from the eyes and mouth, has claimed the lives of nearly 900 people across West Africa so far. 

Last week, the Liberian government announced a raft of tough measures to contain the disease, including shutting schools, imposing quarantines on victim's homes and tracking their friends and relatives.


I will not say am a fan of coffee or drinking coffe early in the morning , I always try to stay natural 
when it comes to my health , I noticed that drinking warm water with a piece of lemon juice in it every morning has really helped revitalize my body and my system . I will love everyone reading this piece to try drinking warm water and lemon every morning for just 1 week without the usual coffe or tea, I bet you will not recognize your body after one week . This is my health corner what's yours ????

Not only does the warm water help to stimulate the GI tract, but the lemons are believed to stimulate and purify the liver. It also helps digestive acids with digestion and elimination. 

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