Kris Jenner writes about Kendall and why she is a proud Mother.

"Every mother hopes and dreams that their children can reach for the stars and dream big..." Proud mama Kris Jenner writes about her model daughter, Kendall. Read below...
I know some of you Moms out there are going to understand this, but just wanted to try and explain what I mean, every time I write, say or post #proudmama. As I sit on a plane on my way to Paris for Fashion Week, I am acutely aware of my baby girl Kendall lying next to me, fast asleep... Getting her rest for what will be another whirlwind of fittings/fashion shows/endless Glam/meetings/runways/dinners and events... 
All done with joy and exhilaration and excitement and professionalism and intensity and focus... From my little girl who all she ever dreamed of was becoming a Model and working in fashion. As I flip through my magazines, and I stumble on the most beautiful image of my girl... Who worked damn hard to get here...tireless endless days and nights, doing whatever she is asked, to follow her dream. She is beyond grateful, feels so blessed, and believe me, so grateful this is her career. She isn't the norm, I know... But just wanted to say as I turned the page, and to see her dream come true.... Not sure anyone else might understand why I am a crying sobbing mess in my seat, when actually I feel like my heart could burst because I'm a #proudmama . Every Mother hopes and dreams that their children can reach for the stars and dream big... Well, if you really work hard, you can have just about anything you can possibly dream up. #nevergiveup #thankyou #esteelauder #inspiration #grateful #appreciation #ittakesavi llage #thankful #supermodel and most of all... #love


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