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» »Unlabelled » Fleeing Country man hidden inside suitcase caught by airport security and sniffing dog.

A man has tried to escape a country by hiding inside a suitcase to evade airport security checks.
The man can be seen being dragged inside a heavy bag by a friend at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Peru's capital Lima.
But officials say the man, who was also wearing a rucksack, began acting nervously so he was questioned and asked to open his bags.

After remonstrating with security staff and trying to find an excuse not to open the bag, he eventually gave up and unzipped the large black bag.

The man trying to flee was curled up in the bag and was greeted by a sniffer dog as he casually stepped out, knowing his attempt had failed.

Police said the man hidden in the case was trying to flee the Peru and both men have since been arrested.
They were taken to another part of the airport where they were questioned and identified, although their names have not yet been revealed.

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