Moment a python swallows a large possum WHOLE after capturing it up a tree

A snake has been seen attempting to consume a possum whilst it dangles on the branch of a tree on a property in Sydney's Northern Beaches
The incredible moment a python swallowed a possum whole while dangling from a tree branch has been captured on camera by shocked onlookers.
The long diamond back python caught the Australian marsupial and wrapped its smooth body tightly around it, suffocating it, before beginning to devour it from head to tail.  

In the shocking video footage below, the large ring-tail possum remains lifeless in the hold of its killer as witnesses gasp in awe.

The ring tale possum, larger than the snake can be seen limp (pictured) and wrapped up in the snakes body
The long diamond back python (pictured) can be seen wrapping its slender body around the limp cadaver of a large ring-tail possum, whilst attempting to hoist it onto another branchWitnesses can be heard gasping in awe of the sight, in a recording taken of the snake and the possum 
The precarious branch sees the snake almost drop its prey before the python quickly grabs the possum up in its hold and squeezes tighter