Video ! Weird animal with 'body of buffalo and head of crocodile' baffles everyone

Strange animal

A REMOTE village has become the scene of a real-life sci-fi film after a strange creature was discovered .With scaly skin and calf-like hooves, the bizarre animal looks like a genetic mutation between a buffalo and a crocodile.

The creature, which was found in Thailand, appears to have the rough, scaly head of a reptile and limbs and hooves of a mammal.It is not the first time a genetic cross between two species has been found, but it is one of the most unusual animals spotted.

The animal died soon after birth, according to a local website, but is believed to have brought good luck to the village and the family who made the discovery. The creature was found in High Rock, Wanghin in Thailand.
Many weird and wonderful hybrids have appeared in the animal kingdom, from the 'zonkey' - a cross between a donkey and a zebra - and the common mule - a cross between a female horse and a male donkey.Most hybrid animals do not occur naturally in the wild, but have been bred by humans - stirring much controversy and outrage from animal rights campaigners. 
Most hybrid offspring tend to be infertile.weird animal