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» »Unlabelled » Wealthy US husband has lived as a vagrant on lawn of his $1.3m home for six months after his wife threw him out and changed the locks

Stranded in his own yard: Sharafat Khan, 69, has been living on the front lawn of his Seabrook, Texas, mansion for six months after his wife kicked him out 
Sharafat Khan, 69, is homeless but sleeping just a few feet away from the front door of his lavish Seabrook, Texas, home because the mother of his two children, Shahnaz, 61, changed the locks in the midst of an ongoing domestic dispute. He has no access to the Muslim couple's money and has been barred from using the washing facilities, even though he owns half the property. 

Neighbors fear he could die in front of his own house as he is already very frail and can't walk very well. Khan sleeps on the front porch wrapped in a sheet at night, or sometimes goes into the back yard, alongside his swimming pool, for privacy. Khan's wife claims she can't file for divorce because she and her husband practice Islam and strictly follow Sharia law. But Khan has rubbished the allegation, and says the split is all about money.
Texas man has been forced to live on the front lawn of his OWN $1.3m mansion
Lavish: The mother of his two children Shahnaz, 61, changed the locks of the $1.3million suburban home in the midst of an ongoing domestic dispute

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