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» »Unlabelled » Woman finds out her husband secretly married another woman during church service

Miltha Plaismond learned that her husband (pictured above) had secretly married another woman, during a church service, Orlando Sentinel reports. The pastor of End Time Sabbath Worship Centre, Pine Hills announced before the entire congregation that Plaismond’s husband of 21 years, Patrick Celicourt, married another woman.
 The 57-year-old Florida resident, is said to have fled the church immediately to go home to research the news.

After discovering that the accusations were true, days later Plaismond went to the local sheriff’s office to report her husband’s crime. She gave police a copy of their old marriage license and the new one. Plaismond and Celicourt have two children together.

In the official police report, the couple’s daughter said:

"When it became time for the announcements on the altar, they announced that my father 'Patrick Celicourt' was newly married to another woman while still being married."
 Celicourt was arrested and now faces charges of bigamy and making false official statements. It is unclear whether Celicourt’s new wife was aware of his marriage to Plaismond. He was arrested Wednesday on a warrant, booked and then released on bail.

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