Married cheat faked own kidnapping to cheat on wife and mistress with 3rd woman(Photos)

A serial cheat faked his own kidnapping so he could bed another woman behind his mistress's back.
Warren Green, 33, had already lied to his wife to travel to Edinburgh to see girlfriend Chelsea Linn.
But he then shamelessly sneaked off to see another lover – getting a friend to call Chelsea and tell her he had been kidnapped.

The Daily Record reports Married Green, from London, claimed he had been bundled into a car by two men and then punched and kicked as he lay chained to a radiator in an Edinburgh city centre flat. 
A frantic Chelsea called in police and when Green arrived at her home in Oxgangs, Edinburgh, the following day, officers were waiting for him.

The love cheat carried on insisting he had been kidnapped when the officers questioned him.
But his story soon began to unravel and he eventually admitted he had made the story up so he could “sneak off to see another girl”.

David Patterson, Green’s solicitor, told the court that his client had “instantly regretted” making up the story of the kidnapping and the whole thing “started off as a joke”.
Patterson added: “The incident started off as a joke but then he couldn’t make his way out of it.
“His error was when the police arrested him he made those comments.”
Patterson said Green was a married man with two children to a woman in London and was currently working as a kitchen porter.
Green’s two accomplices were subsequently found to be living in the United Kingdom illegally and both have since been deported.