Drama as woman refuses to remove hijab for MTN registration


A mild drama played out at an MTN registration outlet in Abuja when a certain Muslim woman refused to remove her ‘hijab’ to complete her SIM registration process.
Reports stated that following the fine imposed on MTN by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, for having about 5 million unregistered SIMs in its network, it started another round of SIM cards registration in the country to meet up with the January deadline.
At the Garki II, Lagos street MTN outlet, a Yoruba-speaking Muslim woman covered with hijab, refused security search at the entrance to the registration centre.

The Muslim woman said she will not unveil herself before she will gain access into an office ‘in her own country.’
A police officer, who was acting on instructions to check every customer before they gained access into the office “This woman is a suspect.
“How can you come to a public place dressed like this and you expect to gain access into an office that is not yours?
“No one knows what she has under her veil. She may be carrying a bomb, who knows?This is the reason why we insisted on searching her and she claimed she is a Minister’s wife,” the officer said.