Is Love really enough in a relationship ?

Dear Noni , 

I really love your blog ,kudos girl.

I have been worried and I want to move on, I want to know if love is not enough in a relationship , I dated a certain guy for 2 years and during the first year of our relationship all was well and it was like i had met my better half , I could swear down that, My love for him was 100 % ,while his own love was probably 50% . Even at that , I still respected him , loved him and wish he could pop the question during the duration of the one year affair (1 year to 3 months) relationship .

All of a sudden  his attitude towards me started changing  , reason i do not know , he started complaining of how my calls disturb him , how I call more than 5 times a day just to keep in touch , that if i called once and he does not pick , that he will call later maybe midnight when he is free, ( it is said that when a man wants you , he will do every thing possible to be with you ) mine was different . He treated me like he was far older than me and that i was kid to him , How does a grown up man treat an adult like a kid (WTH)  .
But because of my love for him , I stayed in the relationship and endured , but when i noticed that the adoration , the sweet messages , the long talks on the phone were gradually vanishing day by day and we quarreled more often than talking, I decided to take a walk, because I was hurting badly and i just could not concentrate on my environment.
 Before you critise me , I also tried talking to him to know what the problem was , but he never gave me the audience in the name of " he was busy" .

Now I am ready to move on , I met a man that i think I might be interested in and the so called ex- has resurfaced with the tag of us trying to work things out  , Who does he think he is ? lol

Kindly advice me on what to do , i am so emotionally down but with the new guy i feel , I am complete .

Is love really enough or is there something else i need to do to keep the fire burning ?

Help me my fellow readers .

From a blog reader ..