Mom, Infant Son Killed by Carbon Monoxide From Snow Stuck in Tailpipe as Dad Shoveled Car Out of the Snow

Mom, Infant Son Killed by Carbon Monoxide From Snow Stuck in Tailpipe
 A mother and her toddler baby inhaled Carbon monoxide while resting in their car after playing with the Snow in New Jersey . Report has it that ....
A New Jersey mother and her infant son were killed Saturday, and her toddler daughter was in critical condition, after their car filled with carbon monoxide – due to a tail pipe clogged with snow – as the father was digging the vehicle out from the weekend storm, authorities said. 

The fatal victims were Sashalynn Rosa, 23, and her son Messiah, 1. Daughter Saniyah, 3, was in critical condition as of Sunday night.

"It's hard to lose them like that," the boy's grandfather, Felix Bonilla, told WABC-TV. Bonilla also claimed the prognosis for Saniyah was not good. 

"The doctors say they don't think she's going to make it," he said. "Doctor says she has a slight chance to make it." 

The family went outside to play in the snow and had gone into the car to warm up while the woman's husband was shoveling around it, authorities said. 

"With carbon monoxide, you can't smell it and can't see it, so they just fell asleep,"  "The husband noticed they were unconscious inside, knocked on the window and then called 911 right away. EMS came and found they had no pulse, tried to resuscitate them and unfortunately we lost the mother and the 1-year-old. The 3-year old is fighting for her life right now at St. Joseph's