Suicide bombers launch multiple attacks and terrorists 'throw grenades from motorbikes' in the Indonesian capital as seven is left dead

Jakarta suicide bombers launch multiple attacks and terrorists 'throw grenades'

A series of explosions and gunfire have rocked the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Thursday afternoon, with reports suggesting at least seven people have been killed.
Police say a suicide bomber was responsible for one of the explosions, while the other blasts were caused by men on motorbikes throwing grenades.
At least three police officers and four civilians were killed by the blasts that went off at a Starbucks cafe, the Sarinah shopping mall, and United Nations offices in central Jakarta. Three other bombs went off in the Cikni, Silpi and Kuningan neighbourhoods, near the Turkish and Pakistani embassies.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has ordered security forces to hunt down the perpetrators and their network behind the attacks.
'I have received reports some time ago about the explosion in Thamrin street, Jakarta,' Mr Widodo said. 
'We express condolences for those who became victims, but we all also condemn the attack that caused restlessness among the community.' 
It has also been reported Indonesian Police shot dead four suspected militants who were part of the attack, according to Reuters.
'We are sterilising the building from basement to top,' Jakarta police spokesman Iqbal Kabid told reporters, explaining that a gun battle between the attackers and police took place in a cinema that is in the same building as a Starbucks cafe that was attacked.

 Police say they suspect a suicide bomber was responsible for at least one of the blastsThe bomb squad expert checks two bodies after the blast, as civilians are seen looking on from behind police lines

A victim of the blasts being carted off by paramedics following the attack in central Jakarta
An injured police officer is carried away from the site of a bomb blast in front of a shopping mall in central Jakarta, Indonesia