Texas Man Executed by Lethal Injection For Killing Game Warden

Texas Department of Criminal Justice photo of Texas Death Row Inmate James Freeman
A Texas man has been executed for fatally shooting a game warden after he was chased for 90 minutes when he was spotted illegally hunting.
James Freeman, 35, became the second death row inmate to be executed by lethal injection in Texas in as many weeks after the US Supreme Court declined to review his case earlier this month.
He was suspected of illegally hunting at night in Wharton County, southeast Texs, when a game warden spotted him in on 17 March, 2007.

Freeman sped away, leading authorities on a chase at speeds of up to 130mph, before getting out of his pickup truck near a cemetery in Lissie and opening fire on officers.
He emptied his 11-shot .357-calibre handgun, then switched to an AK-47 assault rifle with a 30-round magazine.
During the shootout, Freeman was hit four times and Justin Hurst, a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden, was fatally wounded.
Around 100 law enforcement officers - many of them Texas game wardens - stood outside the Huntsville prison during the execution.
Colonel Craig Hunter, head of law enforcement for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said the punishment marked "a moment that many of us have been waiting for since we first heard of Justin's death".
Stanley Schneider, a lawyer for Freeman, said heavy alcohol use and severe depression led  him to try and commit "suicide by cop" when he confronted officers.
He said: "It was totally senseless. It really is very sad that it happened, that two families are suffering like this."