You don't get an Oscar for the color of your skin, you get it for acting out of it - Katie Hopkins

     I get it. Your husband wasn't nominated so you are not going and are going to  sulk instead. But  Jada Pinkett-Smith, at your age, you should know betterImage result for katie hopkins photos

Katie Hopkins has something for Jada Pinkett who wants to boycott the 2016 Oscars , this is what she had to say , what do yo think guys ??

''''Look, I get it. Your husband wasn't nominated for a prize. So you are not going to turn up to the prize-giving and are going to have a sulk instead.
As a mother of three kids under 12, I understand. Losing out is hard and sometimes stomping off to your bedroom seems like a good alternative.
But frankly, Jada Pinkett-Smith, at your age, you should know better.
I know you feel like the world is on your side. It seems everyone is outraged there are no black nominees for the Oscars 2016. Others have agreed to boycott the event and Don Cheadle has joked he'll be in the basement parking cars.
In truth, Will Smith wasn't nominated because he wasn't good enough. Critics said his acting was mediocre at best.
Unfortunately, the Oscars don't have a special category for 'best black actor giving a mediocre performance in a film about NFL with an angry wife'. If they did, Will would be a shoe-in.
Jada said begging for acknowledgement diminishes our dignity and power. But she has done exactly that, like a kid craving attention, whether good or bad.
And here's the rub. Joining the boycott, signaling solidarity with other mediocre performances by black actors this year, we are all supposed to be outraged on their behalf, too.