Colonel Gaddafi's bloody and dazed final moments revealed in never-before-seen mobile phone footage

Never-before-seen footage has emerged showing the moment a beaten and bloody Colonel Gaddafi was captured by Libyan rebels.
Taken just moments before he was executed, the mobile phone clip shows the former dictator looking dazed as a gun is pointed at his head.
The footage was taken by rebel fighter Ayman Almani in October 2011 and shows Gaddafi’s final moments in shocking new detail.In the clip, Gaddafi is paraded on the bonnet of a pick-up truck as a heavily armed rebel stands above him.
He is heard pleading for his life while blood pours from several head wounds.

Moments later a rebel is believed to have shot him in the head with his own gold-plated gun.BBC reporter Gabriel Gatehouse tracked down Mr Almani, who showed him the never-before-seen footage of Gaddafi’s final moments.While watching the footage back, the former rebel said: “He deserved it”.
“Islam teaches us not to mistreat a prisoner, not to bear a grudge...But the people got carried away in the stampede and no-one could stop them,” Mr Almani added.Mr Almani revealed that he still has the handgun that killed Gaddafi - a weapon that later became a symbol of the Libyan revolution.
But he insisted that despite widely-shared pictures of him being carried aloft after Gaddafi’s killing, he wasn't the one who actually pulled the trigger.
Instead, he claims, he simply found the golden gun lying on the ground afterwards.
That hasn't stopped Gaddafi loyalists continuing to send Mr Almani death threats however - but he hopes the new footage will prove others had a bigger role in the dictator’s death.