Kanye West launches furious Twitter tirade calling Taylor Swift a liar.

Kanye West has launched a furious tirade at Taylor Swift, calling her a liar for claiming she knew nothing about lyrics in his new single in which he calls her a 'b*tch' and raps about having sex with her.
In an astonishing 15 tweet outburst, Kanye begins by saying he 'did not diss' the 26-year-old singer and he has 'never dissed her'.
But he then launches into a rant about how he called her on the phone, had an hour-long
conversation with her about the song Famous, she found it 'funny' and she gave him her blessing.
Furthermore, he defends use of the word 'b*tch' in the song, saying it is an 'endearing term' in hip hop, like the word 'Nigga'.