Six months pregnant woman brutally battered by husband (Graphic photos)

Kenyan activist and photojournalist, Boniface Mwangu shared disturbing videos of a pregnant woman being battered by her husband while neighbours watched helplessly. Below is what he wrote:
“She was assaulted by her husband in the presence of her neighbours. She was dragged in the house while bystanders watched without helping and the images that follow after she is dragged into the house are horrific, she is bleeding. The man beating is her husband and she is a silent domestic violence victim.

Her neighbours are silent too. This man would have killed her and the neighbours wouldn’t have lifted a finger. The man was arrested but released after the victim refused to press charges. She is six months pregnant, afraid ,jobless and currently admitted at Langata Hospital. I’m sharing this video with permission from her and her dad”
According to Boniface, the victim who is currently admitted at the hospital, had lost a second pregnancy after a previous assault. The police said the man was arrested and later released on bail and will be arraigned in court on February 10.