Woman has acid thrown in her face and arms by her husband in Bangladesh after row over trivial matters

Tania Parvin, 25, was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital with severe burns to her face as well as the upper parts of her body.  
Her arms have been wrapped in large swaths of fabric bandages in an attempt to prevent the burnt skin from touching other areas injured in the attack. 
Sitting on a small hospital bed in Bangladesh, the left side of her face and upper body are covered in burns from where the acid was thrown onto her face by her husband following a trivial row. 

She was rescued by locals who heard her screaming and took her to the hospital in Dhaka. 
The incident took place at around 8pm local time when Tania was going to pray . This is really sad .The woman is one of the 3625 people having been victims of acid attacks in 3270 incidents between 1999 to 2015 in Bangladesh.I really wish their government could do something about this , by sentencing the abuser to  court.

Owing to the sensitivity and damage usually sustained by the acid on the victim's face, injuries are usually lifechanging