Asos Founder is forced to pay his ex-wife £70MILLION after he moved in with PA 15 years younger than him

Asos founder and his soon to be Ex Wife .
 The founder of fashion site Asos has been forced to pay his ex-wife £70 million following a High Court divorce battle which was sparked when he move in with his PA - who is 15 years his junior.
Nick Robertson, 48, one of the UK's richest men, had argued his former wife Janine, 43, should get about £30 million worth of assets - while she insisted she should get closer to £110 million.

A judge ruled the mother-of-two should get a third of the entrepreneur's £220 million fortune in a public trial after the pair failed to reach a settlement.
Mr Robertson reportedly moved out of his £8.3 million six-bedroom family home in Wimbledon, London, in March 2014 and was pictured hand-in-hand with his ex-PA Charlotte Balin months later. 
Asos founder and his Ex PA
The pair are believed to have rented a five-bedroom house together in Wimbledon, close to his former family home. 
The High Court heard that Mr Robertson, the great-grandson of retailer Austin Reed, married Janine in 2004 and the couple separated in 2013. 
Mrs Robertson had 'negligible means' when she began living with Mr Robertson, said the judge. 
The judge said a central issue in the divorce battle was how the value of some shares and a £60million property portfolio owned by Mr Robertson should be divided. 

Mr Robertson, who has won several entrepreneur of the year awards and was once described by a newspaper as one of the 'greatest entrepreneurs' of the century, stepped down as Asos chief executive in September, the judge heard.
Asos, which stands for As Seen On Screen and sells more than 80,000 branded and own-brand products to nearly 10 million customers, was founded in 2000 - four years before the couple married.
More than 3,000 people work for Asos in the UK and the company has won a long list of awards, the judge said.