Breaking !Brussels airport terrorist - revealed to be the Paris master bombmaker.

Brussels bombmaker Najim Laachraoui - known as the 'Man in White' - has been arrested just hours after he was named as the world's most wanted man.
ISIS explosives expert Laachraoui has been taken alive by a Belgian SWAT team in the the Anderlecht suburb of the Belgian capital hours after police said he helped carry out the attacks that killed 34 and maimed 250 yesterday.
Belgian brothers Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui were today named as two of the ISIS suicide bombers but in new twist speculation intensified today that there was mystery fourth bomber. 

Laachraoui is suspected of rigging up the suicide vests that helped kill 34 in twin attacks yesterday - and is believed to have done the same for the Paris terrorists who murdered 130 in November.
He went on the run after leaving a suitcase packed with explosives and calmly walking from the terminal moments before the massacre at 8am. 
Just 79 minutes later a suicide bomber detonated his vest on a Brussels Metro train at Maelbeek station killing 20 people. It is not known if he raced across the city to blow himself up.  
Today it emerged there could have been a fourth airport bomb but the ISIS fanatics couldn’t fit all their explosive-packed suitcases into the taxi and refused to let the driver touch them so left one behind at their safehouse. 
Laachraoui was already one of the world's most wanted men, having built the suicide vests that helped kill 130 in Paris last November and went on the run with Salah Abdeslam, one of the Paris massacre masterminds, before hiding in Brussels for four months.   

And one of the brothers, Khalid El Bakraoui, rented the apartment where Paris terror attacker Salah Abdeslam was captured by anti-terror police last Friday, according to respected Belgium news organisation RTL. 
Yesterday's twin terror attacks on the Belgian capital that left at least 34 people dead are believed to have been revenge for Abdeslam's capture - experts believe the jihadists launched the Brussels attacks because the net was closing in on their terror cell. 
All of the men were 'well known' to detectives and had been on the run since Tuesday March 15 following a shoot-out in a terrorist hideout in the Belgian capital's Forest suburb. They opened fire on police and fled.
Yet they still managed to find another address to stay, where they stored the explosives and guns used in Tuesday's attacks.
Belgium started three days of mourning today after the worst terror attacks in its history claimed the lives of 34 and left more than 250 injured in 79 minutes of rush hour carnage. The dead and injured have 40 different nationalities, and contains two Britons.