Don’t sit down to cast blames, find solutions – Oyedepo urges Nigerians

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church and Chancellor of Landmark University, Omu Aran, Kwara state, says there was no point blaming political parties or individuals for the nation’s challenges.
The cleric traced the socio-economic challenges confronting Nigeria to systemic failure.
According to him, “Our problem is a systemic problem not political or leadership problem and we must find solution to it. Nigeria will not go down the drain; we will proffer solution to it.”

Oyedepo, while speaking with newsmen at the fifth founder’s day celebration of the university, made the declaration urging the present government to be more sensitive to issues that affect ordinary people, noting that things had not been working well.
“Nigeria’s problem is all about cost effective solution that will come out of sound reasoning. Remember the people in government are from us. So, we are all in government since they are not foreigners. We all have roles to play.
“We have to be committed in finding the solution and stop the blame game even though government has a major role to play; each one of us also has roles to play.
“People will not listen to a critique but a consult who are thinking value addition taught. We learn from other nations efforts in solving problems.
He said, “The challenges have been with us for many years, it didn’t just happen now. Government should be sensitive on issues that affect everybody.
“We have been fighting over the issue of power for many decades now. Government should have its priority. They should itemise the fundamentals that can move Nigeria forward and commit to it.
“Where we are today is not where we should be. The effect of the forex has a lot to do with small scale industries and that is where the bulk of Nigeria employment is,” Oyedepo added.
He noted that “We don’t have to have the resources, if we have the platform for investors to come in because they are more in touch with the issues.
“What am saying is that things have not been working and we are all aware of it. There is no point pointing accusing finger. Each individual in the country also have a lot to play to recover the dignity of our nation.
“Anybody can make mistakes but if people in the authority are not sensitive to the cry of the people, we would keep making more mistakes.
“My understanding is that it is never late to be right. If a decision is made and we discovered it is not right we should do an informed review.”
Speaking further, Oyedepo said, “Look at the present fuel problem. It used to be black market but now we have black stations and they have the right to sell at any price because they are private marketers; but the government still need to come out and take a decision on it.
“Solution should not be only thinking, we should go beyond thinking to reasoning, logical, rational and analytical reasoning by identifying the issues and proffer possible way out of the problem.
The cleric, however, said ‘Nigerians need to take responsibility of our challenges and find solutions to them because we have nowhere else to go.’
“We should not sit down and cast blames,”Oyedepo noted.