Help Fund Damilola Badero as she battles Kidney Failure.

A friend sent this to me , requesting i put it up for all of us to help this young beautiful soul Damilola , who was diagnosed with Kidney failure and right now as we speak she is undergoing dialysis at the hospital , this could be any of us , nothing is too small. Lets save a soul and help this generation of youths over come this deadly disease . This is what her friends put up for her , please lets assist ...and also you can visit this link to assist her .. click HERE

I couldn’t begin this piece without visiting the facebook page (
 of this kind hearted young lady I knew growing up with my fellow fegocolians in the bowels of our alma mater in Warri. Little did I know she has been battling her life through in recent times.It all began as a case of fibroid which she noticed at child birth but couldn’t handle it head on due to financial constraints at the time. She chose to brave the storm with the support of her parents but unknown to her the battle was to take a different dimension.
In addition to the fibroid, she was diagnosed of chronic anaemia.

At the hospital waiting for her dialysis
Her kidney had failed and all the pains of her struggle seemed doubled. She initially refused to complain about her condition but rather stood up to fight the greatest fight yet of her life.

She kept her hope alive and pasted a public plea for help on her facebook page for the first time on march 3rd 2016 and this time some friends, mainly her peers who are old students of Federal Government College Warri, rose up in unison to say that her voice must be heard and her battle shall be their war.

Precisely on march 3rd 2016, the photograph of a smiling Damilola soliciting for help was displayed on the Whatsapp group page of her Federal Government College Warri friends with the aim of spreading the need for assistance for this young and vibrant woman suffering from kidney disease.
Damilola undergoes dialysis at a cost little below (One Hundred Thousand Naira) per session at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

Our concerted efforts have secured the Lagos chapter of Federal Government College Warri Old Students Association and its Chairman of the Lagos branch, Mr.Odion, to pay for the three dialysis sessios left; a ray of hope indeed.
The battle to save Damilola’s life has begun in earnest and it would suffice to say that it is going to be a battle of hope, resilience and faith in the almighty God and our common humanity.

As much as people are beginning to take interest in saving the life of this young woman, I on behalf of my friends (the old students of Federal Government Collage Warri 2000 set) most humbly request your assistance in our bid to save a soul. 
We do not ask for pity in times like these neither are we asking for financial contribution to usward for our dear friend. 

We simply ask that you join us to chant the songs of freedom for our friend by donating to this Damilola Badero Medical Fund Gofundme account or directly to her via Access Bank, Damilola Badero, Account No: 0037907202 to enable her off set her daily increasing medical bills even as we crave your indulgence to join us to reach out to well meaning individuals and organizations who can help her with the cost or part of the cost of the proposed kidney transplant suggested by the doctors which is estimated to cost between N8,000,000.00(Eight Million Naira) and N10,000,000.00(Ten Million Naira/About $35,000-$40,000) in India to save her life. 

Her mother Mrs. Badero is a willing kidney donor and it is my sincere belief that your act of kindness is a major step to winning the battle to save the life of a dear friend whose light we can’t allow to dim at its peak.

Thanks and God bless you.


    Please people, help make her whole again.

  2. God bless you Noni for putting this up. We continue to pray that the hearts of well-meaning individuals are moved to support this lady for the transplant.
    Big-ups to all FGC Warri class of 2000 peeps. God bless una!

  3. Thanks a lot noni for this good gesture...please let's do our best nothing is too small...God bless you all

  4. Thanks a lot noni for this good gesture...please let's do our best nothing is too small...God bless you all


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