At the recently concluded Chris Okafor World Outreach Ministries crusade in Calabar, Dr. Chris Okafor called out a rather bizarre case during his prophecy session, saying that there was a woman at the crusade ground who had been offered N30,000 each for two of her lovely children, and that the woman was making plans to actually sell her children to raise money for business. Before he was done dishing out the woman’s details prophetically as he is fond of doing, the woman ran out from the crowd and affirmed everything that the man of God had said. 

Seeing her case was beyond prayers, the man of God after praying for her, asked how much she needed for business and she retorted “N30,000”. The man of God then smiled and asked if it was okay to give her a hundred thousand naira(N100,000)… she was literally dumfounded. And indeed, right there and then, she got her own rather “financial deliverance” of N100,000! 
Both pundits and skeptics have greatly praised the man of God for his life-saving overture, adding that if all men of God put their money to use in this fashion, we would all be living in a better world.  The man of God who has a tradition of financially and materially empowering very indigent widows and artisans every month through his Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation has responded by saying that “for me, giving is living. You know sometimes, people criticize me for raising too much offering, saying that I love money a lot. And I don’t blame people who say that, because they don’t know any better. 

I am often driven by my incredible passion to help the down and out in our society and aggressively advance the work of God. That’s why I don’t force people to give. It is not mandatory. You do it only if you feel like it. I believe that there is a lot of blessing attached to giving when you give into a ministry that puts that money to good use. And we do. I personally don’t need any of that money. Time without number I have told my congregation that I had never dipped a finger into our church money for whatever reason, and never will. And anybody who cares should carry an independent investigation into this matter. I am too blessed already.