Pet cat steals 60 pairs of underwear in New Zealand

A cat in New Zealand has "burgled" at least 60 pieces of underwear in two months
Six-year-old Brigit’s unlikely obsession has meant she has gathered at least 60 pieces of underwear in two months and taken them back to her home in Hamilton East. 
Her owner Sarah Nathan said these are just the items she kept and there could be more stashed elsewhere. 

Ms Nathan has posted leaflets around the local area apologising for her cat’s kleptomania and offering to return the 11 pairs of underwear and 50 socks to anyone who may be missing them. 
In a Facebook post, she said: “Every morning we wake up to more. 
“I've put notes in every letterbox in the street. Someone must be missing this stuff”.
"She was much less discerning - now she's decided menswear is the thing - and it's a very specific kind of underpants that she likes".
Ms Nathan believes that all the underwear is clean and were probably stolen from a washing line as "they’ve got that crispy feeling".
lol weird cat ,if this happened in Nigeria, we would probably tag it as witchcraft things