Queens College Molestation !Panel Indicts Teacher and Calls for his Suspension

A preliminary investigation instituted by the Old Girls Association of Queens College Yaba over the alleged molestation of a female student by a teacher (Mr Oluseni Oshofala) has indicted the teacher..

The team led by an old student of the school and Children advocate Mrs Laila St Matthew Daniel revealed that the teacher in question alongside the Principal and Vice Principal of the college should be investigated and appropriate sanction meted out to them.

.According to it,the teacher has been engaging in the molestation of female since he was employed into the school since 1995

It also ordered the immediate suspension of the teacher while full investigation is carried out by the supervising Ministry (Federal Ministry of Education).

The report went further to reveal that the teacher in question has not lived up the moral standard expected of him.The School authority are yet to react to the allegations .

This is still a developing story .