Samuel Eto'o's Ex-Girlfriend Jailed 6 Months For Stealing His Rolex

Ex-girlfriend of Cameroon football legend, Samuel Eto’o has been sentenced to jail for stealing his Rolex watch.Eto'o and Nathalie Koah had a sexual relationship for seven years according to reports. The football star had accused Koah of stealing his Rolex wrist-watch, with the court deeming it ‘improper retention’.
She was given a suspended six-month jail term and asked to pay 12.7 million CFA Francs to Eto’o, the cost of the watch.
Koah filed a case of coercion and blackmail against Eto’o which he was not found guilty of.
This comes after Eto'o stopped the release of a 'Revenge Porn'  book which was written by his former  mistress.
The 24-year-old wrote a book titled 'Revenge Porn-Football, sex, money which is a testimony to warn others from sleeping with celebrities.

In her book, she claimed to have been in sexual relationship with Eto'o between 2007 and 2014 when the striker was playing for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan.
The book has been stopped from going on sale after Eto'o's lawyers argued successfully that the book contravened France’s strict privacy laws.