Kate Henshaw attacks Fan who tries to Belittle her on Instagram- “You think a man defines me?

Yesterday, April 3, 2016 Kate Henshaw had some exchange with a rude fan who hopped on her post to make claims that the actress’ ex husband cheated on her with his secretary,Unfortunately for her, Kate Henshaw was clearly not in the mood and proceeded to lash out back at her.

You think a man defines me?” The actress asked, and then she went on to drag the follower, calling her a cheap prostitute.

It all started yesterday after Henshaw put a fan on blast for apologising after previously saying unkind things in her comment section. While many people stood by the screen goddess for exposing the fan, another follower, Queen of King found it distasteful and proceeded to make claims that Henshaw’s ex-husband cheated on her with his secretary.
Check out their exchange below: