Missing mother who went on a date with a man she met online found dead

A 40 year old Seattle mother of 3, Ingrid Lyne, who met a man online, John Charlton went missing on Friday. Lyne was last seen leaving her home to attend the Seattle Mariners opening game on Friday but never went back home. Her friends raised the alarm and contacted the Police when she didn't pick up her children the next morning.

Her friends searched for her, called her phone several times but there was no answer.
Police desperately searched for Lyne who worked as a Nurse, after the reports was made, they went to her home, checked her computer to see who she chatted with before she left. Her phone and purse were at home but her car, a gray 2015 Toyota Highlander was missing. They went through her phone and that was how they discovered that the last person she chatted with was John Charlton.
However her remains, which included a foot,  and two other body parts were found in a bin on Friday night and on Saturday afternoon in a neighborhood about 2.7miles away from Safeco Stadium, where she was supposed to go watch the baseball game with this 'date', an officer said. 
A Seattle homeowner found the packages at 4pm on Saturday, and called 911. 
Detective Patrick Michaud told reporters on the weekend that homicide detectives and medical examiners confirmed the homeowner's initial suspicions that the packages included human remains.
He did not say how the body parts were packaged, and what raised the homeowner's alarm. 

Source: Q13.