Video ! Nigerian man caught after sacrificing to his mini-god in his rented Uk apartment .

A Nigerian Man has been caught by the owner of the Apartment he resides in, in the UK. The Nigerian man( name not mentioned ) slaughters animals in his shrine in his rented apartment in the UK . According to the Video the man built a mini altar in his room for ogun to make sacrifices to his gods . 

In the Video a woman can be heard shouting at the background that the allegeded Ogun Worshipper, attends church every sunday with his bible and comes back home using the back door instead of the front door . 

The man was exposed as the co- tennant couldn’t bear the smell and the odour of the sacrifices he makes everyday, so they had to call the Nigerian Landlady, who asked the other tenants to open their doors , and the discovery was unbelievable.
According to the Landlady , this man always come through the back door and never uses the front door.
The landlady said:
” only evil spirits pass through the back door and never pass through the front door”

He has been told to vacate the apartment with immediate effect .

Wonders they say will never end ....