Dad ‘tried reviving daughter left in hot car by putting her in a fridge’

A father who left his six-month-old daughter in the back of a hot van for four hours put 

her in a fridge to try to revive her before she died, police say.

Michael Thedford, 33, was charged with manslaughter after arriving police found the 

child dead in the kitchen.

It emerged that the former high school teacher, from Dallas, had dropped off his three- 

and five-year-old children at daycare at around 9am on Tuesday, but returned home and 

took a nap, only to wake and realise he had left his daughter in his van.

When he found the girl was unresponsive, he put her in the fridge for ‘an undetermined 

length of time’, police said. He then called his wife and 911 while trying to perform CPR.

The temperature outside had reached 32C.