Woman Stabbed to Death by Partner Following Domestic Dispute

A domestic dispute on Chicago’s popular Red Line train turned deadly yesterday, when a man stabbed a woman to death on the southbound train near 47th Street station. According to the Chicago Sun Times, authorities believe the suspect and victim knew each other, and were perhaps romantically involved, as the dispute was reportedly over having children.
The victim has been identified as Jessica Hampton, 25, and the suspect, who is not identified, has been taken into custody. Investigators said they are reviewing CTA
surveillance of the incident, reports has it that suspect asked a question about having children, she refused, and the suspect then immediately attacked her.
He asked the young lady a question, she said no, and he got up and started stabbing her,” Andrea Patterson, who witnessed the attack, said “She fell toward the floor and he slit her neck.”
Many witnesses took cover, as the suspect still had a weapon, and a few tried to help the victim while calling 911. The report said luckily there was an officer near the next stop on the train. When the suspect stepped off the train, he surrendered.
A CTA employee said the suspect was a regular on the train. “I’m familiar with him,”she said. “I’ve seen him numerous times riding the train and it’s unbelievable he would do something like that.”
The suspect has yet to be charged, and his name has not been released.