Kim Kardashian 'WON'T be prosecuted over Taylor Swift recording' because the star knew her phone call with Kanye was being overheard

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are unlikely to be prosecuted for recording a phone conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift about his song Famous, reports suggested today.
Kim, 35, leaked the secret recording in a series of Snapchat videos on Sunday and Taylor's team immediately threatened the rapper, 39, with legal action.
In February the singer's lawyer warned Kanye that under California law, anyone who secretly records a telephone conversation with someone in the state is committing a criminal offense and a felony.
But TMZ said Kim would not be prosecuted because she had 'no expectation of privacy'.

Under California law recording a 'confidential communication' only becomes a crime if there is no possibility that the caller could have been overheard.
TMZ said they have listened to the full tape and it was clear that Kanye's end was on speaker phone and producer Rick Rubin speaks up several times. 
They say a film crew was also present, filming Kanye. 
So the conversation could not be considered 'confidential' and no prosecution is possible.
When she released the Snapchat video Kim was clearly trying to defend her husband in the increasingly bitter feud.
The telephone call was recorded as part of footage being shot of Kanye working in a LA-area studio.
Taylor's attorney's letter had stated: 'Demand is hereby made that you immediately destroy all such recordings, provide us of assurance that this has been done, and also assurance that these recordings have not been previously disseminated.'