'Billionaire' learner driver, 19, whose £100,000 Maserati was impounded when he drove without insurance says: 'I'll just learn to drive in a Rolls-Royce'

 A 19-year-old 'billionaire' playboy with a fleet of luxury cars will learn to drive in a Rolls-Royce after his £100,000 gold-plated Maserati was impounded by police. 
Officers forced Hamza Sheikh to hand over his keys to the supercar last week after he was penalised for driving without insurance.
Police grew suspicious when they saw his Maserati GranCabrio being driven through Kingston with L-plates on.
The Pakistani-born teenager could be summonsed to court to pay at least a £300 fine and be docked six points on his licence. His supercar was impounded for two days. 

But it's no issue for Mr Sheikh, from Mayfair, who said he still had a variety of luxury cars to choose  - worth more than a £1million. 
He said he would just 'drive in a Rolls-Royce with insurance'.
I have a Rolls-Royce and a Range Rover. I am just waiting for my new gold Lamborghini to be delivered in the meantime,' he said.
'Since I was young I have been learning to drive in supercars — I’ve also learnt in a Porsche Panamera, so a Maserati is a piece of cake.'

Really really , that must be some piece of cake ..lol