Church members storm mortuary to pray for resurrection of dead people

Some members of a church in Kenya, Temple of God, at the weekend, reportedly caused a stir as they stormed a morgue in a hospital to pray for the resurrection of the dead.
The members numbering about five were reportedly led by their pastor, Prophet Daniel Wechuli, saying they were sent by the Holy Spirit to pray for the sick, heal them and resurrect the dead.
The Webuye County Hospital was at a standstill when the prayer team, comprising three women and two men claimed they had led healing prayers for people living with disabilities and various diseases and they all got healed, Kenya Star newspaper reports.

The team leader, Prophet Wechuli, was quoted to have said, “The holy spirit has spoken to us to come and resurrect people who had died prematurely.
“We have been moving to various hospitals praying for the sick and most of them have been healed by faith. We want to show people the power of God in their lives through our church that has been healing and restoring lives to God.
“We are divine people who are anointed by the Holy Spirit to move to hospitals preaching, healing the sick and most importantly, raising the dead without asking for any penny,” the team chorused.