Baby rescued after being dumped in 30 feet pit toilet by mother (Video)

A two-week-old baby was rescued in Narok, Kenya on Thursday, September 1, after being dumped into a 30-feet pit latrine by its mother. Police are looking for the teenager who was said to have fled the scene.

Speaking to the media, some slaughterhouse workers said a woman, believed to be in her late teens was seen carrying a wrapped item while heading towards a nearby toilet. She came out empty-handed. After a short while, they decided to check the toilet after hearing the sound of a crying baby.
Upon checking, they found a baby wrapped in a plastic bag. They decided to inform the local police when their efforts to remove it from the pit latrine failed. When the police arrived, they worked hand in hand with area residents to save the infant.
They hooked a long rod on the swaddle to pull out the baby alive. The infant had a piece of clothe tightened around its neck and the head was bleeding, a confirmation that the mother had intended to kill it.
The baby was rushed to Narok County Referral Hospital for treatment.
Watch the video below: