Conjoined twins separated after 20hrs in the surgery room .

Twin baby boys conjoined at the head has been successfully separated early Friday at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.
Jadon and Anias McDonald, 13-month-old twins, were still undergoing surgery at 6 a.m. to reconstruct their skulls and make them whole.
The surgery was led by Dr. James Goodrich, considered the leading expert on what's known as craniopagus surgery. The separation part of the surgery took nearly 16.5 hours. 
Their parents, Nicole and Christian McDonald, had to make an agonizing decision, opting for the procedure even though it carried major risks, including the possibility of death or long-term brain damage for one or both boys.
But at the end of it all , the operation was successful and the twins are doing fine responding to treatment and the doctors are wowed by the miracle .
Thank Goodness