Black American lady narrates how Caucasian men threatened to kill her at a gas station after Donald Trump's Victory

A black America narrates how he was almost killed by Caucasians,  Here is what he wrote on his facebook page :

Just experienced one of the WORST THINGS in my entire life . While pumping gas , i had a vehicle pull up beside me ...Out jumps 4 males..all of whom are Caucasian ... they then proceed to talk about the election with niggers much longer...  and how they're glad they wont have  to deal with niggers much longer me being by myself , i just kept quiet , until one walked over to me ,and said  'how scared are you, u black bitch?/ I should just kill you right  now .
You're a waste of AIR... Still , i said nun...I kept my head down..he then proceeds to say "WHAT" are u a deaf or something u nigger ??? then another guy steps out and shows me his firearm... He says "your lucky there's witnesses or else I'd shoot u right now there's tears ..full blown tears...they leave .. I have called the police , but i am shaken.. upset and confused ... is this what America is going to be like from here or out ???