Federal government claim that they never authorised NCC to hike price of data – Minister

The Federal Government on Wednesday dismissed claims that it directed telecommunications operators to increase the price of data subscriptions by December 1.
Reports had it that effective from tomorrow (Thursday) Nigerians will begin to pay more for data services.
Reacting to the reports, the Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, while featuring on RayPower FM’s Fact File programme, said he was never a party to the planned tariff hike for data.

Insisting that government did not authorise telecoms operators to raise the tariffs, Shittu assured Nigerians that the government would look into the matter and that it would continue to protect their interest.
Shittu said, “There are reasons for what they have done. The reasons, I’m sure, will not be political; the reason will be more of logistics and all of that and as you have requested me to do I will do that.
“But I want to say that I was not privy to it, I was not party to it. Government never gave any such instruction and the government, as the representative of the people, have never done that; that the voice of Nigerians must not be muscled.