Pastor who hasn’t had sex over 10 years reveals his breast produces milk.

A Kenyan pastor, Francis Gachuru, has shared the tale of how his breasts produce milk.
Gachuru, the founder of Christ Ambassadors Church International in Nairobi’s Mowlem area, is suffering from a rare case of ‘prolactinoma’, a medical condition which makes males produce milk from their breasts.
The chubby man, speaking on ‘The Nairobian ntv JIONI’, said he has not had sex with his wife for over 10 years due his medical status.

The pastor, whose breasts has grown to equal that of a woman’s said his condition caused his sex drive to reduce drastically, and also resulting in reduced libido, low calcium, hormonal imbalance and even infertility.
He said, “Actually, the problem began immediately after our wedding in 2000, then I could not perform to the maximum, but we could not figure out the root cause.
“After stepping out of a cyber café back in 2007, I noticed an unusual liquid on my shirt, but ignored it and proceeded home in Kariobangi.
“Despite my condition, some of my friends and relatives still chide me for not having sired a child.
“The problems extend beyond physical as it has rocked my marriage as my wife almost left when she thought she was the one with the problem.
“We are still together but I often suffer humiliation when I stand to speak in front of people and even go ahead and reprimand me for being infertile.
“They tell me I will die like a roadside dog as I have no one to carry forth my name,” Gachuru, who has spent over one million shillings to manage his condition, added.