School owner jailed for defiling girl as punishment.

A school head teacher has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for defiling a 13 year old girl as a punishment for not doing homework. A Nakuru court on Thursday found guilty Alex Otieno the owner and a teacher at Starlet Academy, who had been accused of defiling a girl on dates between April, 30, 2013 and July 19 2013 at Dondori in Nakuru County. 
The minor in her testimony said that on July 19, 2013 the teacher called her to his office after he found out that she had not completed her homework. She said that in his office, he defiled her and warned her not to tell anyone. "The teacher escorted me to his office after he found that I had not finished my homework. In his office he defiled me and warned me not to tell anyone," said the minor. She added that her friend, a classmate asked her what had happened but she was scared of telling her.

"My classmate asked me what was wrong but I was scared of telling her. I ended up telling her when we were leaving the school," she added. The second witness, who was the classmate told the court that her friend came back from the teacher's office and appeared shaken but when she asked her what happened she said nothing. "When she came from the teacher's office she appeared shaken but when I inquired what had happened she refused to tell me. She disclosed what had happened when we were leaving school that evening," she said.
 The classmate added that she convinced the girl to report the issue to her mother that evening. The mother told the court that her daughter came home on July 19 2013 and appeared scared. She said that her daughter was accompanied by her friend who told her 'si useme'. "My daughter came home and appeared shaken. When I enquired what had happened, the friend told her 'si sueme'. She then told me that her teacher had defiled her," said the mother. The mother told the court that she together with her daughter reported the incidence to the police and were given a p3 form which was filled at the PGH hospital in Nakuru by Doctor Matara.
 The doctor in his testimony told the court that the minor accompanied by the mother came to the hospital on July 20 2013. He said that after performing his examination it was evident that the minor had been defiled. While ruling the case, Senior Resident Magistrate Judicaster Nthuku said that she found the evidence presented by the prosecution to be true. She added that the accused during cross examination told the minor that they had agreed to her not finishing her homework so that he could call her in his office and have sex. 
The Senior Resident Magistrate said that the accused was not remorseful and the statement he posed to the minor proved that he defiled her. Nthuku said that she found the sentence to be fit and fair.