I was hypnotized to sleep with my 3-year-old cousin – Man confesses in Kaduna

The city of Gonin gora, Angwan Galadima was yesterday thrown into anger after a young boy, identified simply as Timothy was caught defiling his 3-year-old cousin.
The accused was caught by his father who alerted his neighbors to witness the abominable act.
Timothy, a young school leaver upon his arrest claimed that he was under a spiritual influence.
“There are forces that push me to sleep with her each time we are home alone. This is the second time I am sleeping with her,” he told a bewildered crowd.
Not satisfied with his claim, some youths from the community threatened to kill him if he refused to tell them the truth.

Timothy, thereafter, alleged that he was initiated into a cult group through a ring given to her by a certain Sarah.
“They said if I talk, they will kill me. Please take me to church, I want to confess. I don’t sleep at night. Sarah always comes to me at night. We will fly together throughout the night. Anything she asks me to do, I must do. She asked me to sleep with mama (cousin) else she will kill me. She made me not to be scared of anybody. Even if you beat me from today till tomorrow, I won’t feel any pain. My real self is over there,” he told the community.
The said Sarah, who allegedly initiated him, was immediately summoned by the community for interrogation and she admitted initiating and tying Timothy (the accused) down so she could control him as she wished.
She said, “I gave him a ring that binds us together. Until that ring is destroyed, he can never be free. We have to go over to my place at Kudanda so I can pick and destroy the ring.”
The community youths followed her to the place where the ‘evil’ ring was kept and it was destroyed. The boy was eventually freed.