Trump says it will be “very hard” to enter US henceforth

Donald Trump, United States President, has stated that his overhaul of the country’s immigration policies has just begun.
Trump made the declaration on Wednesday in his first television interview since he assumed power on January 20.
In a chat with ABC News, Trump, in reference to those willing to travel to the US, said: “From now on, we gonna have extreme vetting in all cases and I mean extreme.
“We’re not letting people in if we think there is even a  little chance of some problem.

“We are excluding certain countries, but for others, we gonna have extreme vetting.
“Its gonna be very hard to come in. Right now it’s very easy. It going to be very very hard.
“I don’t want terror in this country,” he said citing the terror attack on San Bernardino, World Trade Centre among others
The interviewer then asked Trump if he is concerned his immigration policy will cause more anger, especially among Muslims.
Responding, Trump said there is already anger around the world.
“Anger? There's plenty of anger right now. How can you have more?
“The world is a mess. The world is as angry as it gets. What, you think this is gonna cause a little more anger?
“The world is an angry place. All of this has happened. We went into Iraq. We shouldn't have gone into Iraq.” ‎