Rapper Andre Roxx strips completely naked after losing defamation lawsuit against TMZ

3 years ago TMZ reported that Wu Tang affiliate Andre Roxx had castrated himself and jumped off a second story balcony after suffering a psychotic break. Andre blasted TMZ denying the story was true. Thing is; the story was true but it wasn't Andre who cut his peen off, it was another Wu Tang affiliate Christ Barer. Andre then sued TMZ for defamation of character.

On Tuesday, Andre's defamation of character lawsuit against TMZ was dismissed because the statute of limitations had run out. So yesterday, out of frustration, he took to Facebook to prove to everyone once and for all that he didn't cut off his peen by posting a full frontal nude pic, writing;

“Case dismissed on a Technicality huh? OK so I guess there is no way I can maintain my dignity AND clear my name, so f**k it. Here’s what you’ve all been waiting to see.” 
“Do me a favor and screen shot this post and send it to TMZ, BET, USA Today and all the other news outlets that decided to fight me for 3 years rather than simply issuing a retraction and clearing my name, and ask them why they couldn’t just operate under the principals of basic human decency and clear the name that they destroyed.”