Female Benin Republic Preacher, Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni says she is "God"

A 25-year-old female preacher, Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni, from Benin Republic, has declared that she is God and her mission on earth is to defeat the devil.
In a message, Tchranvoukinni disclosed that she fell from heaven with the divine mission of tackling the devil and his agents in the world.
The female preacher claims she fell from the sky in northern Benin and was found by a Fulani herdsman in the bush.

Tchranvoukinni, who refers to herself as “Perfect” and “God’s Holy Spirit” also ordained her partner, Pope Christopher XVIII.
Spokesperson of Tchranvoukinni’s church, Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ of Bename,located in Porto Novo, the country’s capital, Cardinal Cesaire Agossa said, “Perfect” is a divine messenger.
“People do not understand that the Holy Spirit, Creator of Heaven and Earth uses the body of Perfect as its temple.
“Her mission is to end the reign of Beelzebub, to succeed in exterminating sorcery and all evil spirits that prevent mankind from developing,” the spokesperson told newsmen.