Homing pigeon caught smuggling 170 ecstasy pills in homemade 'backpack'

A homing pigeon has been caught smuggling more than 170 ecstasy pills in a homemade 'backpack' after police tracked its progress across the border of two countries.
The bird was stopped with the sack strapped to its back as it soared between Iraq and Kuwait.
Al Arabiya reports carrier pigeons are increasingly being used in the region as an unorthodox drug smuggling technqiue.

Local media reports state the bird was caught above a building conveniently near Kuwait's customs department in the capital Kuwait City.
Pictures of the bird after its 'arrest' show the backpack opened up and containing dozens of white pills and stood on a desk inside the government building.
The bird is said to have been carrying a total of 178 pills.
It isn't the first recent case of a pigeon being seized for involvement in illegal activity.


  1. I just cant believe that now these innocent birds have been used by some cruel people who use them for smuggling and other illegal work.


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