Tragic final words of mother-of-two, 27, who was stabbed to death by her estranged husband .

Aisyah Harris 27,was stabbed to death by her estranged husband Adan Dahir , they has been arguing in the house that they had shared when he attacked her , The attack was seeen from the street as the former couple struggled by a window . Ms Harris was stabbed three times in the neck and Dahir has been jailed for life 
These are the tragic last words of a mother-of-two as she was stabbed to death by her estranged husband.
Asiyah Harris, 27, was stabbed in the neck three times by Adan Dahir, 38, at the home they had shared in St Pauls, Bristol.
As the mother-of-two died, she could be heard screaming: 'Adan stop, leave me alone, get off me! Please, please Adan I love you, drop the knife please!' 
Adan Dahir has now been jailed for life.  
Another witness told the court he heard the mother-of-two saying: 'Don't kill me, I love you.'
The shocking attack was seen from the street by passersby as the former couple grappled in front of a window at the home they had shared.
Before the murder, police had been called to reports of a fight at the house, on August 21 at about 11pm.
Dahir spoke to police through a window and said there had been a fight between his ex-wife and sister.

Ms Harris had confirmed the story, and the matter was thought to be sorted with police leaving the address.
But just after midnight on August 22, neighbours heard more shouting.
When officers returned to the scene they found Ms Harris lying in a pool of her own blood on the living room floor.

She had suffered stab injuries to the neck, one to each side, and one of them had severed an artery.
Paramedics were called but she was declared dead at the scene, and Dahir suggested to police she had caused the injuries to herself.
He was arrested and interviewed, but Dahir claimed that his estranged brought the knife into the room and was trying to hit him with it.
He said he tried to pull the knife off her but she threw herself back, and he fell on top of her, and told police: 'That's when the knife hit her neck.'
Dahir denied murder at the trial at Bristol Crown Court, but was convicted by a jury.
The couple had separated some years before the murder and he had custody of their two children.
On the night of the killing the children were not in the house.
Witnesses saw the murder through the window and alerted police, but Ms Harris could not be saved by paramedics.
Dahir was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 16 years.
Judge Peter Blair QC said: 'I have come to the inevitable conclusion that you intended to kill Asiyah. Today you will be sent to prison for life.
'Asiyah Harris was just 27 years old. We heard some lovely things said by her brother about her many talents. A keen sportswoman, working as a translator.
'She bore you two children. Because of your murderous anger those children have lost their mother.
'We do not know what the trigger was when you killed her.'

Source: MailOnline