Self-made businessman wants to launch Britain's first 'Sharia' airline with no alcohol and modestly dressed crew

Entrepreneur Kazi Shafiqur Rahman, 32, is hoping  his dream will take off and one day hopes to see his firm Firnas Airways fly long haul to the Middle East if the concept proves to be a success. But the airline which is leasing a 19 seater Jetstream 32 plane at a cost of £8,500 a month, will first fly short haul commuter routes between UK cities. His journey getting his new company off the ground will feature on a Channel 4 documentary 'How to Start an Airline.'
He says: 'I am a British citizen but whenever you pass through security you feel like you have done something wrong. 'Everyone is looking at you. It needs to change.' 

If we can incorporate a religious culture, it will be a game changer.'
The world's first 'Sharia compliant' airline, Ryani Airlines, was first launched in Malaysia.
It followed strict Sharia laws, with prayers recited before each flight and alcohol strictly forbidden.
But it was shut down in 2016 for breaching aviation regulations after a series of delays and last minute cancellations.  
Both Etihad and Emirates airlines, which are based in the United Arab Emirates, where Islam is the official religion, allow alcohol on board, despite it being an offence to drink or be under the influence of alcohol in public.

Mr Rahman, from East London, who came to the UK from Bangladesh in 1997 when he was 11-years-old, left school with just one GCSE, and landed a job cleaning toilets at London City Airport.
His rags to riches story has seen him start perfume business Sunnamusk with just £600 in his pocket, which now has five retail outlets across the country.
But his real passion is aviation - and he tells the documentary how his dream started when he was a child.
He said: 'We have grown so fast, it is time for me to explore my real passion. 
'When I see a plane I get all excited. It makes me happy. I realised my passion hen I saw a plane for the first time in my life.'